9 kinds of civilian foods best men

9 kinds of civilian foods best men Now, the burden on men's shoulders is getting heavier and the pressure is getting heavier, and the disease has made men more powerless. If you want men to be healthy, you don't have to spend a lot of time buying health supplements, you can get the most nutritious substances from your daily cheap diet! Men, you should eat the following foods for your health!   No. 1 Tomatoes The sour taste of tomatoes can promote gastric juice secretion, help digest protein, etc., and transform rich vitamin C can bind the relationship between cells to create collagen and strengthen blood vessels.   No. 2 Soybeans Many people know that soybeans have plant-based hormones that are beneficial to women, but they do not know that soybeans are…
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Spring Travel Guide: Beautiful Ulan Buddhism

Spring Travel Guide: Beautiful Ulan Buddhism Wulanbutong ancient battlefield, there are lakes on the west side of the mountain, the famous bubble river, the locals commonly known as "general bubble". The Qing army and the Kurdish rebels launched a bloody battle in Ulan Butong, and the Kurdish rebels were defeated. In the battle, Emperor Kangxi's 舅舅-General General Shu Guogang died in the bubble river. From then on, people called the bubble river a "general bubble."   Taifeng Lake has a water surface area of 300 mu. The surface of the water is as calm as a mirror, and it is crystal clear. Under the bright sun, the lake and the mountains are beautiful. When the sun sets, the tourists climb to the east side of the mountain overlooking. Taifeng Lake is…
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Yawning or stroke harbinger in the spring

Yawning or stroke harbinger in the spring As the saying goes: "Spring sleepy autumn is lacking in summer. "Too many people are devastated by the "spring sleep" and often yawn. Ordinary people may not care about the phenomenon of spring sleep, but middle-aged and elderly people, especially those with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, often yawn in the spring, and the tiredness is bound to attract attention.   Experts say that because frequent yawning may be a precursor to a large-scale stroke, it should not be taken lightly.   In patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis, the blood flow to the brain is reduced due to the decrease in the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, resulting in hypoxia in the cerebral blood vessels. When the brain shrinks and is deprived of oxygen,…
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Ice beauty skin whitening simpler_1

Ice Beauty Skin Whitening Makes It Simple Fan Bingbing's white is well-known in the entertainment industry. It is so-called one-white covering and ten ugly, and the skin will soon appear full of rural flavor. How can Fan Bingbing, known as the "Bing Beauty", be flawless and transparent? Is there some kind of "Jade Girl Heart Sutra" that can be shared with everyone? Let's find out with Xiaobian!   What made Fan Bingbing's current position, luck? Beauty? figure? temperament? It is still her fair skin, how many MMs are secretly envious of her skin, because the skin is white and looks good, what color can be tried, and be patient to be a little brunette? Get up and running quickly!   Fan Bingbing claims that her skin is neutral, does not produce a…
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The more chaotic the rice is cooked, the higher the nutrition.

The more chaotic the rice is cooked, the higher the nutrition. Rice is the staple food that most Chinese people eat every day. If you master the health principles of eating rice, you will be able to prevent disease and resist aging without knowing it. It is extremely beneficial for chronic patients.   Try to make the rice "light" Try not to add fat to the rice, so as not to add extra energy, and to avoid more blood lipids after the meal. Therefore, it is best to eat fried rice, add sausages to cook rice, or use bibimbap with oily dishes. It should also be avoided. In addition, try not to add salt, soy sauce and MSG to rice to avoid adding extra salt, which is not conducive to blood…
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Chinese diet therapy for cervical cancer

Chinese diet therapy for cervical cancer Initially found that cervical cancer is related to trace elements zinc and selenium. The deficiency of these trace elements causes cervical cancer and breast cancer to increase significantly. It is especially important to supplement zinc and selenium in the supplement. Animal foods containing many trace elements zinc and selenium are: oysters, fish, lean meat, animal offal, eggs, beef kidney, pig kidney, shrimp, etc., the highest zinc content in eggs.   Cervical cancer diet point one, supplement B-carotene. B-carotene will be converted into vitamin A in the body, which will help protect the immune system from attack by recombination free radical molecules and has a significant immune-enhancing effect. According to scientists' observations, B-carotene in the blood of patients with cervical cancer exceeds expected values, and low…
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Remedies for treating cold infertility

Remedies for treating cold infertility There are many causes of female infertility, leading to other factors, uterine factors, congenital factors, palace cold factors, etc., due to different reasons for infertility, it must be treated differently during treatment. Today I would like to introduce the treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for infertility caused by Gong Han.    Gong Han is a definition in traditional Chinese medicine, which translates directly into uterine cold. However, Western medicine has a big difference between Gong Han's timeliness and traditional Chinese medicine, and its scope is much, including many organs such as the uterus and ovaries. "Uterine cold" does not only refer to a certain symptom, but a summary of various clinical symptoms of patients in traditional Chinese medicine, such as delayed menstrual cycle,…
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Woman whitening meal moisturizing white tender

Woman whitening meal moisturizing white tender As the saying goes, covering all ugliness, white skin is what every woman is after. The following recipes are often eaten, so that you will turn white before you know it! . hzh {display: none; }  前菜:法式蘑菇沙拉  原料:  土豆250克,罐头口蘑半罐,鲜嫩黄瓜75克,胡萝卜75克,青、红椒各25克,生菜油15克,芥末酱7克,5 grams each of vinegar extract and refined salt, dried paprika, pepper, and two tomatoes.   Preparation method: 1. Wash potatoes and carrots, put them in a cooking pot, add water to cook, and remove and peel them.   2. Cut potatoes, carrots, greens, red peppers (dipping, seeds), cucumbers, onions, and mushrooms into small cubes, add to the dish, add lettuce oil, paprika, refined salt, pepper, and mustard sauceVinegar essence, raw mushroom juice, mix well, put in a plate, pile into a mound shape, put tomato petals on the side and…
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MM need to keep in mind: obesity can also be transmitted!

锘? MM need to keep in mind: obesity can also be transmitted! First, the circle of friends affects your "eat" habits. The University of California and Harvard University's sociology professors have discovered through research: "If you have a friend who is fat, then you have 57% chance of becoming a fat man. "Because people are always conscious or unconscious, others around the reference person decide how much they eat and what weight they are considered to be overweight." Experts at the American Nutrition Center say that many times, even before you have finished watching the menu of desserts, and seeing someone order a Black Forest cake, you may change your mind and order the same dessert. People always take the initiative to find friends who have the same taste. Especially…
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It’s not recommended to do aerobics to warm up before practicing yoga

It's not recommended to do aerobics to warm up before practicing yoga According to a survey in the United States, only two of every 1,000 yoga demonstrations have the potential to be injured, but many people leave yoga classes with sprained wrists, sore backs, and strained muscles. Professionals remind that yoga is a way to "know yourself", exercisers must step by step and do their best.   Misunderstanding 1: Aerobics as a warm-up. Some yoga coaches use the method of aerobics as a warm-up exercise before yoga. This is not desirable because the body is in a state of hyperactivity after aerobics and cannot enter the meditation state required by yoga.   In addition, the excitement of the body after aerobic exercises can easily lead to excessively rapid yoga movements, which can…
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