Can I get married?

Can I get married? I'm 28 years old, and I don't have a short, fat or ugly culture, but I don't have a boyfriend.   Watching the friends around them go out to play, one pair to the other, reading, desolate, lonely and oily heart. I should find a boyfriend too.   As a result, I no longer get bored with my parents 'slaps and my friends' chatter. And very old land started my long blind date.   First time: Jun A is the nephew of my mother's friend. Meet at Xuanwu Lake. Along the way, my mother told me sternly: An old friend said that it was a very good boy, an undergraduate, the director of the bank, a good temper, no bad habits, that is, people are fatter.Do n't leave immediately…
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Some emotions appear after pregnancy

Some emotions appear after pregnancy In general, no two people feel exactly the same, and no one stipulates that there should be some kind of emotional response during pregnancy. Pregnancy can make your emotions so strong that you may never feel so happy and scared at the same time. You may find that you are so touched when you see the babies, even if you have no interest in them before, or the bad news on TV will make you sad for a long time. You might imagine some sort of vanadium all day long or be upset about the future. It's like sitting on an emotional roller coaster anyway.   It's normal to feel a little confused about crying, so if you don't feel happy during pregnancy, don't worry about…
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All beauty starts with cleaning and finally cleansing

All beauty starts with cleaning and finally cleansing Every woman hopes to have the most natural beauty and self-confidence on the street. Today, a "utopia" -style perfection, the ideal plain society, will be placed. The women who live in it are all beautiful.Passionate about heavy makeup and easy to wipe, I had to use the word "clean", all the beauty "begins with cleaning, finally cleansing." Su Yan build method, sisters quickly learn? Foam-free cleanser skin condition: Dry and sensitive skin when the skin is dry should not use cleansing products with excessive cleaning power. A small number of non-foaming cleansing milks came into being with mild nature, which is most suitable for skin types. However, in response to the statement that "low foaming is milder", dermatologists explain that the key…
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Ten extreme behaviors of women after falling in love

Ten extreme behaviors of women after falling in love Women are emotional, so when they fall in love, their hearts will be severely hit. In order to forget the pain, women often do the following ten extreme behaviors. It may be painful because of true love, but in any case, women must not engage in psychological behaviors that hurt themselves.   The first is the trauma caused by overeating. Many women have adopted a method of self-harm to destroy themselves physically. That is overeating without fear.Eating, even for those who are trying to lose weight as a goal, is to open their stomachs, and to temporarily forget the pain by eating freely, but this seemingly tiring gastrointestinal method is actually only a harm to the body, and it can onlyI remember…
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A comfortable mood is good for beautiful breasts

A comfortable mood is good for beautiful breasts Women's breasts are the highlights of women's curvaceous beauty, but at the same time they are very fragile parts. Unexplained swelling pain, eczema, lumps, hyperplasia, inflammation, fibroids, breast cancer, etc. will come to us like a piece of shadow,Interfering with the happy mood of women, affecting the happiness of female families. As the saying goes, there are only lazy women and no ugly women. This sentence can also be used for breast care. Smart woman, do you know what healthy breasts like most? Are you doing what you want?   The health of women's breasts is closely related to their moods. Bad moods can cause benign diseases such as pain, mass, and hyperplasia, and these benign diseases will gradually worsen.   Nervous emotions can…
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Spring drinks should drink 3 kinds of tea and tea to relieve the cold chicken soup_1

Drink 3 kinds of tea in spring What food to eat each season is key, and what to drink is more important. How to choose the right drink for different seasons? For example, drink mung bean soup in the summer to relieve heat, drink mutton soup in the winter to dispel cold, and so on. Old Chinese medicine will tell you.   Jasmine eliminates springtime and folks have long said that "chunyi drink flowers", and from the perspective of health and health care, it is also spring drink flower tea. Most parts of China have a monsoon climate, with warm springs, hot summers, cool autumns, and cold winters, with four distinct seasons. In the spring days, the spring breeze recovers and the yang energy is brought to life. However, people are…
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Can you see fortune from your eyebrows?

Can you see fortune from your eyebrows? * "Yintang" between the two eyebrows is the most important part of the bladder, and it penetrates the influence of fortune. Yintang is best to be clean, open, and moist. Therefore, it is best to remove the hair on Yintang. You can also use massage or heat with a towel to promote blood circulation in Yintang and make it rosy.   * If the eyebrows and the eyebrows are too close continuously, it will affect one's fortune. The ideal distance is about one and a half to two fingers. Too narrow will affect good luck.   * The eyebrows must be gathered at the head and the tail, so the brow and the hair at the end of the eyebrows must be aligned and repaired…
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Shop for 3 types of baby skin care products

Shop for 3 types of baby skin care products Good quality baby care products have been proven by strict medical tests: the quality is pure and mild, which completely meets the characteristics of infants and young children's skin, which is very different from adult products. It has no irritation to the baby's skin and will notCauses allergic reactions.   Skin care baby oil, children's cream, children's honey, etc. all belong to the skin care category. Most of them are added with appropriate amounts of bactericides, vitamins and pearl powder, protein and other nutritional and health additives, and the products are mostly neutral or slightly acidic, which is consistent with the PH value of infant skin. Used regularly, it can protect the baby's skin, prevent excessive diffusion or extension of moisture, avoid…
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9 kinds of foods are hard to digest for babies

9 kinds of foods are hard to digest for babies [Guide]Moms always want their babies to taste a variety of foods, which can promote their taste development. But in the process of tasting, babies tend to like some unique foods. You may not know that some foods are not suitable for your baby's stomach! Take a look at the 10 most difficult foods to digest. 1. Fried foods like fried chicken nuggets, fried foods like French fries are fats and high feces, and these two substances can cause disease in the stomach. At high temperatures, fats produce a substance called "carbonic acid," which is difficult to digest. Experts said: "If you already suffer from gastroenteritis and other diseases, then you should pay special attention to eating less oily and fatty…
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Spring baby scientific diet prevent all diseases_1

Spring Baby's Science Diet "Hello! "The crisp sneezing sounded the prelude to this spring. As the saying goes: "Every herb is sprouting, all diseases are attacking." It is too late to appreciate the splendid spring flowers, and the menacing diseases have made people shout for mercy. So how to help your baby prevent all diseases?   Scientific diet improves infants' disease resistance Shanghai: November 15 last year to April 1 this year is a warning period for respiratory infectious diseases in Shanghai. Medical and health institutions have transmitted infectious atypical pneumonia and people infected with highly pathogenic avian influenzaRespiratory diseases such as influenza are the focus.   Nanjing: People from the Municipal Health Bureau found that the possibility of a local "influenza" outbreak in Nanjing was not ruled out. In addition, from…
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